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Great coffee, fabulous baked goods and delicious breakfasts and lunches.
Featuring amazing desserts – and incredible artisanal breads
baked fresh daily –

The Café and Bakery have become a focal part & gathering place
on Main Street in historic Sharon Springs.

In the Fall of 2003, the Daous (Tony) visited the historic village of Sharon Springs, NY. They stayed at Edgefield, a wonderful Victorian B&B, and had a wonderful dinner at The American Hotel. They fell in love with Sharon Springs.

A few weeks later, they came back with their children, Sebastian, Nicholas and Isabella, and stayed at Edgefield again, and dined at The American. They discovered the best diner in the world in nearby Delanson, called Gibby’s. The kids fell in love with Sharon Springs.

They all went searching for a country house or a farm nearby. They met Michelle Curran, who was their realtor, and became their dear friend, and she showed them some amazing properties. And they were adopted by a very elegant Black Cat, who lived behind the American Hotel. Isabella named her Pinkle Purr (Pinky, for short) because she looked exactly like a black cat called Pinkle Purr that Isabella used to have when they lived overseas.

Pinky is a black cat with a white spot on her chest – read Isabella’s story on how she got her white spot. And Pinky always wears a jeweled pink collar. That Winter, Pinky took them all back to visit again, and they stayed at the American. They found a house and some land in the village. And Summer came. And they stayed in their new Summer house and made lots of new friends. Like the Schildes at Sunnycrest Orchards.

They brought great presents from Maureen at Cobbler’s and Joe Todd at The Finishing Touch, Isabella took dance lessons at the Dance Studio. They had pizza and calzones and fresh mozzarella at Gino’s. They had an unbelievable dinner at Alex & Ika's in nearby Cherry Valley. They went to the Wednesday night concerts on the green. And in the cool Summer evenings, they wandered the historic village. They decided that this would be their Summer place forever. But when the Black Cat ventures, she leaps. And at the end of that Summer they all decided they’d rather live in Sharon Springs than anywhere else in the world. So they did.

And now their adventures are just beginning.



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